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Corduroy + black pu ergonomic electric flat sofa with 8-point massage and heating function, thickened armrests and backrest single sofa chair for the elderly, bedroom, living room

Corduroy + black pu ergonomic electric flat sofa with 8-point massage and heating function, thickened armrests and backrest single sofa chair for the elderly, bedroom, living room

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This electric push-up sofa chair in our house is ergonomically designed and covered with durable corduroy fabric for durability, it is also a versatile sofa chair, you can sit and watch your favorite show Or recline for a nap, this chair will be great for ultimate comfort. A single sofa reclining chair that can be massaged and heated at the same time! Are you still looking for a comfortable sofa chair that suits you? Don't hesitate, our team has designed this perfect electric recliner to give you a different level of comfort and longevity. Exquisite workmanship and quality assurance can bring you high quality and low price, hurry up and buy it with your little hands!

product features:
And motorized pan that can be easily adjusted via the included remote. Super soft virgin cotton + spring-packed upholstery on the backrest and armrests complete this comfortable chair.
[Vibration massage + heating function]: The entire electric reclining chair has 8-point massage + heating function. The 8-point massage is distributed at 2 points above the backrest + 2 points below the backrest + 2 points in front of the cushion + 2 points at the footrest, there are five different The intensity adjustment of the gears brings you a comfortable body massage, and when you come home from a busy day, you can feel the best relaxation experience for your back, lumbar spine, thighs and calves. You can also use our attached massage remote control to adjust the time you need to massage, he can set 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 60 minutes respectively. Lots of options to bring convenience to your life! The heating is performed at two points under the back, and the heating is performed at the same time as the massage at the two points under the back, or it can be performed separately. 【High-quality fabrics】: We use high-quality high-density corduroy fabrics and black pu artificial leather fabrics to make products. We take a lot of small details in our sampling, which can make you sit very comfortable and guarantee to give You bring a different experience! 【The backrest can be adjusted freely】: We also have a hand controller for adjusting the backrest, which is equipped with a motor with slight noise, which allows the backrest to be freely tilted from 90° to 130°, you can remotely control the TV or read books, Adjust it to your liking and use it while you nap! You can relax your body and mind at the same time and spend a good leisure time. 【Ergonomic Design】: Our engineering reclining chair that perfectly fits the human body curve design can effectively improve your whole body pressure. This is very suitable for the elderly. Hurry up and buy one for the elders. Bar! [Stable support + durable]: Our wooden frame structure is made of high-quality and sturdy horizontal slats + multi-layer boards + cardboard, and the seat frame and back frame also have S bow springs that pull up and 5 cm rubber bands that pull up, very It is firm and the bearing capacity is as high as about 330 pounds, which can be better durable, and obese partners do not need to worry, the safety guarantees that we check every layer, you can buy it with confidence. [Thickened armrests and backrests]: Our armrests and backrests are filled with high-density native doll cotton and native cotton + spring packs, with good resilience and no need to worry about quality. We are a company that pursues quality. Company, we check, you can rest assured! [European and American styles are widely applicable]: The gray chaise longue is stylish, simple and simple, and can be applied to various environments, such as bedrooms, living rooms, study rooms, offices...many places. 【Extra Footrest + Side Pockets】: We also have a comfortable extended footrest, which can be adjusted in translation along with the backrest, allowing your legs to have a comfortable experience of relaxing muscles. The included side pocket can be installed in the motor of the product, which is very convenient, and the remote control can also be put in. 【Easy to install + buy with confidence】: All mounting hardware is included in the package, no additional tools are required. Easy to assemble with detailed installation instructions, detailed instructions to help you install in 15 minutes! If you don't understand, you can contact us, we will be happy to help you. All our products are guaranteed quality and rest assured to buy!

Warm Station: Our products are divided into 2 cartons 2. The maximum inclination is about 130°

Fabric: mother and daughter corduroy + black pu color: gray Material: The backpack armrest bag is filled with native doll cotton, and the seat bag is filled with native cotton + spring bag Internal structure: The wooden frame structure is horizontal slat + multi-layer board + cardboard, the S bow spring is pulled on the seat frame, and the 5 cm rubber band is pulled on the back frame. Overall size: 73*98*100 (cm) Back Height: 27.56 inches Seat to Floor: 25.2 inches Back to ground: 39.37 inches Extended footrest: 18.5 inches Overall Length Unfolded: 64.96 inches Weight: 330 lbs Carton size: A box: 76*60*50 (cm) B box: 76*57*57 (cm) Quantity: 1 piece/2 boxes Country of Origin: China

Package Included:
1*Sofa lounge chair 1*Hand control for massager 1* Massager power cord 1* Motor extension cable 1* Motor power cord 1* Motor hand controller 1*Motor transformer 1 x Instruction Manual
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